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AGGA - French Thai fusion

Got to experience a brand spanking new restaurant opening in Calgary.  

It’s focused on a variety of French and Thai inspired dishes, this new concept is sure to please your palate.

‘AGGA’ had some delicious mains. We tried the Tom Yum soup with Seared Sea Bass, Mussels, Shrimp, baby potatoes, and heirloom tomatoes which reminded us of a French Bollabaise with some Thai flair. We also tried the Atlantic Wellington which was a play on the beef Wellington but included sable fish and some mushrooms. Our starters were so tasty and refreshing. We had the lemongrass BBQ shrimp skewers and the Green Papaya salad. The lemon grass was infused in the shrimp And such a neat presentation. We just loved the Green Papaya salad, it was so delicious and the vegetables were nice and crunchy. The best part was the candied cashews and tamarind sauce. AGGA has an amazing space and options to dine upstairs or down or even on the patio. They really revamped the 80th and Ivy location with a contemporary feel and we loved the brushed gold accents. Make sure to put AGGA French Thai Fusion on your foodie list. 🍽 Hungry Couple YYC

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