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Torills Table - Gluten Free Waffles

Had a blast making some gluten free Norwegian waffles from Torill’s Table and choosing some unique toppings!

We tried our first gluten free waffle and it was so delicious!

We topped with choco-Almond butter and some colored rice crispies for a tribute to Pride week in Calgary.

For our other waffle we made an Avo-waffle - inspired by the Avocado Toast trend this gluten free version was perfect with a poached egg and some sriracha mayo and hot sauce.

Feature on FoodNetwork Canada

We were recently featured on FoodNetwork Canada's The Kitchen in their "Remix your Recipes" Episode (Season 20 Episode 10)!!! Make sure to watch the full episode as some of our favorite FoodNetwork Chefs show off their remix skills.

We prepped using Torill’s Table gluten free waffle mix ( which needed 3 eggs, almond milk) and then let our Norwegian waffle maker do its thang!

We just love our new waffle maker and can’t wait to try more unique toppings! Stay tuned!

Check out their website for recipes, shop, waffle sets, and waffle mix! Torill’s Table

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