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Fall-inspired Steak Dinner

We love to eat healthy and support local farmers and butchers.  

Although we love our baked potatoes and green beans, this year we wanted to do a spin on the Classic sides. We chose some fall-inspired sides that look and taste amazing and we hope you will enjoy em as much as we did!

We chose Gemstone Grass-fed beef and some wonderful NY Strip Loins for our dinner. Grass-fed beef is raised with extra care without hormones, produce healthy beef with more nutrients, and is better for the environment. 

We seasoned the steaks with olive oil, salt and pepper before going on the grill. 

For our sides we seasoned our acorn squash with Clubhouse roasted garlic and pepper and Parmesan and roasted for 400 degrees F for 20 mins.

The acorn squash (see below) turned out nice and tender with crispy edges, just how we like em.

The other sides we chose were Cauliflower mash with chives and grilled chili wild mushrooms. All the sides paired so well with Gemstone’s NY Strip Loin steak.

The NY Striploin steaks were so juicy and tender and we loved the fall flavours from the roasted acorn squash, cauliflower mash, and chili wild mushrooms.

Check out some more photos of our deish dish! 

Our lovely dinner plated! Bon appetite!

Thanks to Gemstone Beef for the tender grass-fed beef and for Co-op for all our fresh produce.

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