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Sushi Art - Shijo Sushi

We recently went to Shijo Sushi in Kensington and were really surprised with the quality and presentation of sushi.

The owner, Wendy and Head Chef are very friendly and offer up some great choices from the menu if you aren’t sure what to order.

We initially were invited to try their menu items but went back to try some new rolls. 

Pictured here is the Red Sun roll - salmon, avocado, tobiko, topped with a seared red pepper and some salmon ceviche. The ceviche was so refreshing and the red pepper added nice flavor without overpowering the salmon.

We also tried the Halloween Roll, pictured above (special for October 2018) with Japanese pumpkin Tempura, avocado and topped with bbq eel unagi, green onion and tobiko. The pumpkin was soft and tender.

Overall, we loved the presentation here! The chef meticulously decorates the plates and we loved the addition of the edible flowers. 

Here’s another shot of the Red Sun roll!

The last time we went we tried blue fin tuna sushi and scallops 

We also tried the bbq squid as we love squid! This one was charred perfectly and not chewy! Plus we liked the sweet sauce it was accompanied with.

Here’s some more photos of the rolls at our last visit and Matcha Yogurt dessert.

Check out Shijo on your next visit.

They also do DoorDash delivery. 

Shijo sushi

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