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How to eat all the new Foods at the Calgary Stampede

The Calgary Stampede in an annual event where our city comes alive with pancake breakfasts, Rodeo, Chuckwagon races, and new and weird Midway foods. With the new Stampede foods list, we wanted to try all of it. New this year, you an sign up for a Stampede food tour for $79 which includes entrance admission and a 1.5 hour food tour.

Planning your trip to the Calgary Stampede

First things first, here's a list of items you can purchase in advance to help you wallet once the Stampede begins

Super Pass

If you are planning on visiting the grounds more than one day then consider purchasing the SuperPass - it gives you Unlimited entry, All 10 days and only costs $39 plus GST.

Stampede Bucks

This was a great purchase, we saved 20% on Stampede at Costco and got $50 in Stampede Bucks for just $39.99* and redeem them on everything from admission and rides to Rodeo and Evening Show and of course Midway foods/concessions.

Now that we had our Super Pass and Stampede Bucks we headed to the grounds. With the help of some foodie friends we got a group of people together to do a Food Crawl and try some of the best new foods for 2019.

Stampede Food Crawl

We started off with some traditional foods including the Loaded Blooming Onion and Foot Long Hot Dog

Then we moved on to some popular and weird foods on the 2019 Stampede New Foods List!

Here's what made our Top 5 List:

  1. Cotton Candy Mini Donuts - great cotton candy flavor took us back to our childhood and we loved the colorful sugaring.

  2. Butter Chicken FreaKK Fries - Who could resist 12 inch Footlong fries drizzled in butter chicken sauce? The chipotle mayo ones were great as well.

  3. Butterbeer Ice cream - So good Hogwart's would be jealous! This was voted this year's Best New Sweet Foods #CSFoodie and had great butterscotch flavour!

  4. Fully Loaded Blooming Onion - great for sharing and definitely a must have to kick off your Stampede week!

  5. Giant Squid on a Stick - Throwback from last year, it was still one of our faves!

We also have to give a shout out to the best BBQ Beef ribs - from Boss Hogs, we get them every year and loved them even more.

Some other foods we tried were

Deep Fried Rainbow Oreos

A different take on the traditional deep-fried oreo. These were a little greasy but we loved the colors and oreo flavor.

Ube Sesame Ice Cream in a Pineapple and Avocado Coconut Ice Cream in a Coconut

Rasperry Rose Lemonade - Family Squeezed

Flaming Ribbits (Frogs Legs) - Happy Fish Truck

Deep-Fried Chicken Skins

Octo Leg and Cheesy Ramen Corn Dog

Thanks for Following and Happy Stampeding! Yahoo!

Hungry Couple YYC

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