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Blue Flame Kitchen

We find that the best way to learn how to make dishes is through cooking classes. While attending a class in person may not currently be an option, you can still have the expertise of a world class chef through virtual cooking classes.

Long-standing Blue Flame Kitchen (“BFK”) has been one of our favorite places to attend cooking classes because of their fun, hands-on approach. We’ve tried many in the city and keep coming back to Blue Flame Kitchen.

A little about BFK

Blue Flame Kitchen has been around since 1930, sharing our recipes and kitchen advice with Alberta and beyond.

As part of ATCO Group, the original aim was to help Albertans get their best results using natural gas appliances.

Today, they offer a whole suite of educational and support tools and unique culinary experiences - from their website and cookbooks stocked with recipes for every occasion, time saving takeaway meals, and engaging virtual cooking classes for all ages.

There’s also a café and food services at ATCO Park for those either looking for a delicious quick bite in the morning, or to spend the afternoon with friends and good coffee.

I can fondly remember my mom using one of the recipe books from Blue Flame Kitchen and growing up trying new dishes often from that same recipe book. Even now, with my mom growing older, I find BFK is still there for us by helping feed seniors through a Senior’s meal program partnership with the Calgary Seniors’ Resource Society.

As we grew up and got married, we tried many cooking classes throughout the city and when traveling, one of the highlights of each trip was a cooking class. We find BFK always has something to spark our interest like a different cuisine we want to learn more about or tips so we can hone our culinary skills.

BlueFlameKitchen x HungryCoupleYYC

This year, we partnered with Blue Flame Kitchen to help promote their Virtual Cooking Classes and Take-away meal options. We were ecstatic when they contacted us because we truly have enjoyed their past classes and recipes and wanted to try their virtual classes in the comfort of our own home given the recent global pandemic. We found that in just a couple of hours you can learn how to make the best healthy burgers or get secrets from a world class chef on how to make a delicious Christmas Stollen!

Fall 2021

We attended their Burger-themed virtual class in the Fall where we got to make 2 types of burger. The first was a delicious Louisana burger from scratch and even included a recipe for a homemade Smokey BBQ sauce! We’ve made burgers before but appreciated that we could still learn a couple of new tips that we didn’t know before from talented Chef Darcy (Red Seal Chef). We never knew how easy it is to make our own Smokey BBQ sauce. The second burger we made as part of the virtual class was a delicious chickpea burger with lemony whipped feta and this is now a go-to for our weeknight dinners!

Winter 2021

For the holidays, we attended a Christmas baking with Chef Leigh-Ann, a talented pastry chef and instructor at BFK. We had never baked Traditional Holiday goods before like Christmas Stollen and Vanilla Kipferl cookies so this was a real treat! The class was very interactive and we really loved the tips the chef advised us like soaking our raisins in rum and roasting our almonds before putting them in the dough. Overall, we’d do this class again and our Stollen turned out sooo awesome! Check it out for yourselves!

These virtual classes are for everybody and anybody who’s interested in food, and definitely something to try now that the weather is getting a little chilly and we will be at home more.

Sign up with @blueflamekitchen to join these fun and extremely delicious experiences. The last class of the year “Christmas Like a Chef” is Dec. 18, 2021 from 10:30am-12:00pm featuring Chef Darcy and how to make Turkey breast with fresh herbs, Sage Stuffing with roasted garlic, and Roasted Brussel sprouts with Pancetta. Link:

We also are huge fans of their takeaway meals. Everything is literally prepped for you from the Turkey to all the sides and might we add Uber delicious! Check out the yummyness and the Turkey Confit Thigh and leg are fall of the bone delicious! Our fave side to try are the Roasted Brussel Spouts with Pancetta, they are like Christmas crack and so addicting!

Pre-order is now open until December 20, 2021 for Dec 23 pick up!


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